What Our Clients Are Saying ...

" We've been buying coffee from Elba for about 2 years now. Absolutely the best coffee, the best service, and super nice people!"

-Tina from Outremont

Nicaragua coffee dries, Green coffee drying; Cafe Sol y Mar

" Most awesome coffee ☕️ in Montreal. Bar none the freshest roast available. Try some today! "

- Christopher from N.D.G.

Nicaragua coffee dries, Green coffee drying; Cafe Sol y Mar

" We love "Café Sol y Mar" coffee because each pound is roasted to our taste, Elba is friendly and knowledgeable, we can see photos of the growing coffee, the drying beans and other sights from El Salvador and Nicaragua, and the coffee is very reasonably priced for such freshness and quality. "

- Stephanie from Greenfield

Micheline d'Île des Soeurs dit:

" J'aime beaucoup le café Sol y Mar délicieux, très doux, très goûteux, et définitivement fabriqué avec beaucoup d'amour et de patience. "

Business card and coffee branch; Cafe Sol y Mar

David from North Glengarry says...

"My wife and I have been buying our coffee from Café Sol y Mar for a few years now. We discovered it at a local market in Glengarry. We had been sourcing our coffee from a reputable, fair-trade importer for over a decade but when we discovered Elba’s coffee, we switched. We’ve tried her whole selection and have pretty much settled on the Costa Rica Tarrazu as our favourite, although the ‘Mélange à trois’ is quite a tasty blend as well.

What we love about Elba’s coffee, apart from its exceptional flavor and freshness, is that her business is local and offers a high-quality product with personalized service, by someone who knows and cares about both the coffee and the folks who grow and pick the beans. And it is absolutely delicious!


" When the city of Cote St-Luc started the farmers market, I have been buying my special fix of Central American coffee from you, whole bean and/or ground. I am no connoisseur, but I do love my coffee, especially the five coffee flavours from Central America. During the week I will have my regular coffee, BUT on the weekends, I will have my special fix of coffee.

Over the last few years I have been stocking up on my coffee beans for the long cold winter season. I have found that putting the bags of coffee in a large ziplock freezer bag and putting it in the freezer, keeps the coffee fresh - no freezer burn. I now have my five coffee flavours in the freezer. If you were to ask me which coffee flavour I like the best, I couldn't. Each has it's own unique flavour. I enjoy all of the flavours. In closing, I would like to thank you for introducing me to the coffee flavours from Central America. "

- Darrell from Cote St-Luc

Elba at Hudson Farmer's Market; Cafe Sol y Mar

"Hi Elba,

Since we met you 3 years ago at our cities' farmers market and tasted your amazing coffee we have been fortunate to be able to continue getting a regular delivery of our preferred coffee. Our way of brewing our coffee is through a Bodum which is a French press so we get a coarser grind suitable for our press. Each time we have a coffee outside our home that is not your Cafe Sol y Mar "melange a trios" we just don't enjoy it. We can't tell you just how much enjoyment we get from Cafe Sol y Mar.

Thank you so much for your good service!"

- Louise & Sammy from Cote St-Luc

" I first tried Elba’s beans in 2012 from the Chesterville Farmer’s Market and we were hooked. I had never had coffee freshly ground from the bean but my husband had. He tried many kinds from all over the world and by far he explained these were the best... even chewing a bean he said they were roasted to perfection. We have never looked back.

It's one of those: Hmm, you’ve got to try it once in your lifetime. I guarantee you won't look back. "

 - Lynn and Gary from Chesterville, Ontario

Ripe coffee; Cafe Sol y Mar

Debbie from Lancaster, Ontario says...

" I have been drinking Elba's coffee for the past year and haven't bought another brand since. I am fussy when it comes to coffee and hers meets all the criteria I am looking for. 

I also like knowing where it comes from and that there's nothing else in it. So far I've tried her dark and medium roasts and they are all very good. "

I must say, I truly have enjoyed your coffee very much. Thank you!

 - Odette from Lancaster, Ontario

Cafe Sol y Mar coffee is delicious. 

I first discovered it at a bazaar where Elba was serving hot coffee & selling her product. I have been buying it ever since. It is the best coffee I ever drank. "

 - Pennie from Montreal


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